Magician in Pennsylvania Summer Reading Program: Magical Quest

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Join Magician, Storyteller, and Traveler Eddy Ray as he takes you on a Magical Quest Around the World to explore unique cultures and places! This fun filled program sparks curiosity and imagination about traveling the world  by utilizing magical tricks, storytelling, comedy, and interaction. Eddy has developed this program to help children learn more about the world they live in without having to leave the comfort of their library or school!

Pack your bags and travel with Eddy to places like Egypt and learn about the Great Pyramids. You’ll also travel to Australia and learn about some of the most interesting animals that roam around the countryside. This 45 minute program creates so many thrills, laughs, and smiles that you will be thanked for providing all of the children with such an unforgettable time.

Some of the fun moments and magic in this program are:

  • The children will help Eddy pack his bags making sure he takes only the proper items!
  • Eddy’s travel map becomes torn but the children help him restore it by using magic!
  • The children correctly name the country Eddy has taken them to. Pictures help provide the clues!
  • Three separate scarves transform into the flag of the United States of America!
  • A child chosen from the audience dresses up as an Egyptian to help perform magic!

Eddy’s Summer Reading Programs are always a huge hit and get booked up fast. If you want to treat  your children to a fun time where they will get excited about reading and the world around them please contact Eddy Ray today! Eddy’s “AquaCaDabra” the magic of water program sold out fast last year. Don’t miss your chance to get the date and time you want for this coming 2011 Summer Reading Program Season!

Read What A Happy Client Has To Say:

“Dear Mr. Ray,
On behalf of the Bernville Area Community Library Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for another great performance at the Bernville Library in June.  We were very pleased to have 92 children present for the start of the Summer Reading Program at the library – you are obviously a great draw!  We also appreciate your flexibility in moving things as the audience got larger and larger. Thank you for again providing your special brand of magic tricks in Bernville.” – Betsy Reifsnyder – Board Secretary Bernville Library

Pennsylvania Assembly Magician Eddy Ray | 1-877-297-7252 |

Below are some pictures from Eddy’s 2010 Summer Reading Program!

Pennsylvania Assembly Magician Eddy Ray | 1-877-297-7252 |