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Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray

“Magical Tales of the Imagination – Dream, Think BIG!”


It’s that time of the year! Come with Assembly Magician Eddy Ray as he takes you deep into magical mystery tales! Join in and help Eddy imagine what it would be like to make impossible things possible! This customized educationally themed program sparks imagination and creativity in children through story telling, magical effects, comical antics, and an overload of audience interaction!

Some of the featured parts of the program are:

  • Eddy creates a magical tale and gets the children to reach for the stars… by actually making a star appear from nowhere!
  • Children assist Eddy in helping find Bob the Bookworm who is lost among several library books.
  • Everyone pretends to be asleep and then the dream begins…. coins appear and multiply at Eddy’s fingers and among the audience!
  • Imagination Hats are worn by the entire audience during the program… the hats are invisible!
  • Dream BIG! During a magical story… the children dream that they see a magic wand which is over 6 feet… and it comes true!


“The Magic of Science: REVEALED!” – Science Based Program with Magical Experiments!


“The Magic of Science” is an incredibly fun and engaging program that combines magic and science. Eddy performs many science demonstrations and uses magic, hilarious comedy, audience interaction, and music to create a program that children will talk about for time to come! Children will learn how optical illusions work, how rainbows form, and how simple experiments can be performed to demonstrate an array of science! Some of the magic will be revealed and show the children how much science plays a roll in everyday life!

Some of the featured parts of the program are:

  • Easy Lava Lamp – Children watch in amazement as Eddy demonstrates how to make the world’s easiest lava lamp.
  • Snow! – Children will “ooh” and “ahh” when they see snow form inside the hands of a volunteer!
  • Water to Ice – Eddy teaches children how to perform this visual trick as the children learn about temperature.
  • Vanishing Water – Children think they know which cup holds the water but then realize it’s disappeared.. by science!
  • World’s Greatest Optical Illusion – Children will witness with their own eyes, a volunteers head growing and shrinking!


“Magical Quest – Around the World”


Join Eddy Ray in a Magical Quest “Around the World” and explore unique cultures and incredible places! Pack your bags and travel with Eddy by magic to amazing places such as Egypt, Australia, South America, and the USA. Smile, Laugh, and Learn as Eddy’s fun and interactive program comes to your library or school!

Some of the magical effects featured in the show are:

  • Eddy’s travel map gets torn but magically restored!
  • Help Eddy pack his magic travel bag. We don’t want to forget anything!
  • Mystery of the Great Pyramids – An audience member dresses up as an Egyptian for an experiement
  • Three scarves transform into the flag of the United States of America


“AquaCaDabra – the magic of water!”

AquaCaDabra - the magic of water

A FUN & Educational Event For Your Summer Reading Program!

My new assembly program, “AquaCaDabra” the Magic of Water, explores fun facts about the world’s most important natural resource. This program is full of story-telling, magical experiments, and audience involvement.

Direct Interaction With The Children!

The goal of the program is to get children to realize the importance of water and how it affects our lives. To do this, I create several magical experiments involving water, list many fun-filled facts and get direct involvement from the children!

Some of the magical experiments include: Turning Water Into Ice, Making Water Disappear, Making Water Change Colors & Removing Three Different Colors of Dry Sand from a Bowl of Water!!!

All of the magical experiments in the show are unique and truly amazing! This 40 minute program is packed full of fun, excitement, and will get the children interested in learning more by reading!


“The Magic of Reading!”

Pennsylvania Magician Reading Program

Discover How To Get Children Excited About Reading And Raise Their Self-Esteem!!!

“The Magic of Reading” explores the wonderful world hidden inside of books. This program is full of story-telling, magical artistry, and audience involvement.

The goal of the program is to get children excited about reading. I do this by creating a world where things are not what they seem, where the impossible becomes possible. The children will be entertained with the visual magic they see and will become excited when they realize how reading books can help them achieve things they may never have imagined. All of the magical effects in the show are unique and truly amazing. I’ll actually perform some magic tricks I first learned from reading books as a child. Examples of magic books will be shown during the program so the children will have an interest in checking them out!

More features of this program include:

  • Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Eddy shows how the real mystery and magic can be found inside of books!
  • Bob the Bookworm. Will he make an appearance? He likes hiding in books, perhaps the children will find him!
  • Favorite card. Many children will realize that Eddy’s favorite card isn’t the Ace of Hearts, it’s his Library Card!

“The Magic of Reading” is all about motivating, inspiring, and entertaining each and every child. Basically what I’ve done here is to create a program that promotes reading in a fun and exciting way.

Don’t forget, Eddy Ray is the author of his own magic book, “Magic Tricks in Minutes”.  Find out how to get a free copy here!