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Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray

Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray

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Our Goal: To Make Children SMILE, LAUGH, & LEARN Through Magical Messages

Pennsylvania’s Magician in Harrisburg PA For Kids Eddy Ray, has performed assembly programs all over the Harrisburg and Dauphin County area and beyond. Eddy is one of the busiest full time professional magicians in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. If you’re searching for a qualified and experienced assembly presenter and magician, you’ve found him.

Some important things to know are that Eddy Ray’s assembly programs and magic shows are unique and customized for each event. There are no canned or off the shelf presentationsHarrisburg Magician Birthday Magician Eddy Ray like most other magicians in Harrisburg might offer. Eddy has presented “The Magic Within You” program and “AquaCaDabra – the magic of water” program for such organizations as libraries, child care centers, schools, camps, birthday parties, and more!

As you see, Eddy Ray offers many types of magic programs which entertain but more importantly teach children by using magic, audience participation, storytelling, puppetry, and comedy. Eddy even offers hands on magic workshops teaching magic tricks. These workshops help children with hand-eye coordination, self esteem, self confidence and social skills. This magician in Harrisburg has so many programs to choose from to help make your event memorable and FUN.

This Harrisburg magician has performed thousands of magic shows. Some of this magician in Harrisburg clients include: The Raylon Corporation, The Cherry Hill Country Club, America’s Got Talent, The Fox Family Channel, and so many more. This magician in Harrisburg has the experience and professionalism to make your event a blast!!!

In addition to all of the workshops and assembly programs and magic shows, Harrisburg Magician Eddy Ray also offers his family friendly FUN magic show.  This magician in Harrisburg performs a completely CLEAN and FUN magic show that the entire family can enjoy. There is nothing to be worried about, no blue humor, and nothing offensive in any of Eddy’s magic shows. There are lots of reasons to have this magician in Harrisburg at your event, read what some of his clients have to say:

Just A Few Testimonials….(Read What Others Have To Say About This Harrisburg Magician)

“It was nice to have an entertainer that the parents and children enjoyed.”

– Vicki Knerr – Alburtis, Pennsylvania

“Our radio station has included and showcased the many talents of entertainer Eddy Ray many times over the past few years and Mr. Ray always provides our expos, live broadcasts and special event audiences with high-quality entertainment and magic. Mr. Ray’s pleasant personality is an asset to our public undertakings and we always get very positive feedback when he is a part of any of our shows.  I can honestly very highly recommend Mr. Ray!  He will engage your guests or patrons.”

– David L. Kline – General Manager WEEU Radio – Reading, Pennsylvania     Phone: (610) 376-7335 x 112

This magician in Harrisburg has proven time and time again that he can make any event memorable.. and now it’s your turn!


Contact now for a free quote and info from Harrisburg’s Magician For Kids. Eddy Ray performs for kids throughout all major areas of Harrisburg PA and beyond.

Magicians in Harrisburg – Tricks of the Trade…

Magician in Harrisburg Eddy Ray’s magic shows are always packed full of magic. Some magicians in Harrisburg milk magic tricks for way to long. Eddy Ray makes sure to keep the attention of his audience, especially kids. To do this, Eddy performs between 20 and 30 magical tricks and effect in just about every single show! Talk about action packed! This magician in Harrisburg holds nothing back.

A popular trick of this magician in Harrisburg is the Mystery of the Rings. Watch as solid rings, examined by the audience, penetrate and link together one by one. It’s performed slow, fast and right in front of the eyes of the audience. Imagine the kids oohing and awwwing as they see the magic happen right in front of their eyes! This magician in Harrisburg understands how to create magic in the minds of his audience.

Another trick this magician in Harrisburg performs for kids is making small objects such as sponge balls appear and disappear with ease. To top things off, this magician in Harrisburg makes the magic happen right in the hands of a volunteer. Imagine the magic trick happening in the hands of your child! What a magical moment it is, and this magician in Harrisburg can make your child smile from ear to ear with magic tricks just like this!

Magic is all about making the impossible, possible. Eddy Ray, a Harrisburg magician creates so many visual magic moments in his show that you will be so thrilled to have him at your event or party. Better yet, all of the children are going to have a great time, and this magician in Harrisburg guarantees it.

This magician in Harrisburg is one of the few, if not the only magician in Harrisburg who offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on his magic show programs. Why would a magician in Harrisburg not offer a guarantee? Perhaps they are not confident in their services and magic shows! Whatever the case may be, you deserve the best and so do your guests! No risk, no sad faces if you hire this magician in Harrisburg Eddy Ray, guaranteed!!!!

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