2015 Summer Reading Program – Every HERO Has A STORY! with Magic Man Eddy Ray and friends..

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2015 – Summer Reading Program –

 Every HERO Has A STORY!

Dear Children’s Program Director,

My name is Eddy Ray and I am a professional assembly entertainer and author specializing in imaginative programs for children that involve storytelling, magic, comedy, and lots of audience interaction.

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My new program for the 2015 Summer Reading season is called, Every HERO Has A STORY! This fun filled educational program sparks imaginations and wonder as MAGIC MAN Eddy Ray and friends show-off their superhero abilities, incredible feats of skill and more! Children will learn about the importance of Teamwork, Staying Focused, and Bravery… all with a Superhero flair!

Some fans have asked, “Is A Magician Really A Superhero?” and the answer is YES!. Magicians and Superhero’s have a lot in common! Throughout the show, Eddy and friends cooperate together in performing some amazing stunts and magic… most of which seems impossible at first! The children become superheros themselves as they participate and become the STARS of the show!

Some of the amazing superhero stunts and magic include…

  • SUPER CHICKEN! – Eddy Ray and an audience member become Superhero Chickens. Dressing up in silly attire and displaying amazing powers!
  • Sandy The Super Skunk – Eddy Ray’s puppet, Sandy the Skunk dresses up in a cape and more… to become the world’s first SUPER SKUNK! What follows is something memorable!
  • Bob The Bookworm  – Bob the Bookworm demonstrates why he is the fastest Bookworm in the World! He disappears and is found back in the library in a FLASH!
  • Super Hero Concentration – Eddy explains that all superheros must focus and concentrate to achieve their goals! During this demonstration each child focuses and makes a simple piece of rope do the impossible!!!
  • Plus Hilarious Comedy, Story-Telling, Music, Participation, and More!

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My Summer Reading Programs are always a huge hit and get booked up fast. If you want to treat your children to a fun time where they will get excited about superhero’s and want to learn more by reading please contact me today! Don’t miss a chance to get the date and time you need for this coming 2015 Summer Reading Program Season! Contact Eddy Ray right now! 

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