2014 – Summer Reading Program – The Magic of Science: Revealed!

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2014 Summer Reading Program:

“The Magic of Science: Revealed

by Author & Magician Eddy Ray

Science is Magic! Learn How Science Makes Magic Work!


Dear Children’s Program Director,

My name is Eddy Ray and I am a professional assembly entertainer and author specializing in imaginative programs for children that involve storytelling, magic, comedy, and lots of audience interaction.

Magic + Science = Amazing Things To See & Learn!

My new program for the 2014 Summer Reading Program season is called, The Magic of Science: Revealed! This fun filled educational program sparks wonder and amazement while showing children how interesting science can be! I’ve developed this program to get children engaged in learning more about how and why things work within the world around them.

Some people ask, “Eddy, are you going to reveal any magic tricks?” and the answer is YES!. It’s the best way for the children to see how science makes things work! This 40 minute program creates so many thrills, laughs, and smiles that you will be thanked for providing all of the children with such an unforgettable time and learning experience!

Some of the fun magic moments and science experiments in this program are:

  • Optical Illusions – The entire audience is witness to my own face shrinking before their very eyes!
  • Solid Through Solid – A long and sharp needle is pierced through a balloon… and it doesn’t pop!
  • Liquid Experiment – Water is poured into a normal styrofoam cup and yet it vanishes into thin air!
  • Electric Charge – A balloon clings to my hair, clothing, and even a volunteer!
  • INSTANT SNOW experiment! Liquid magically transforms into a fluffy white powder that resembles snow right in a volunteers hands!
  • Plus tons of more magic, science experiments, audience participation, music, and more!!!


My Summer Reading Programs are always a huge hit and get booked up fast. If you want to treat your children to a fun time where they will get excited about science and want to learn more by reading please contact me today! Don’t miss a chance to get the date and time you need for this coming 2014 Summer Reading Program Season! Contact Eddy Ray right now! 

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