2013 – Dig Into Reading With Magic *Summer Reading Program*

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2013 Summer Reading Program:

“Dig into Reading by Magic! Summer Reading Program!”

Children Will Get Excited About “Digging” Into Books To Learn All Of The Wonders Inside!


Dear Children’s Program Director,

My name is Eddy Ray and I am a professional assembly entertainer specializing in imaginative programs for children that involve storytelling, visual magic, hilarious comedy, and TONS of audience interaction.

“Dig Into Reading by Magic”

My new program for the 2013 Summer Reading Program season is called, Dig Into Reading by Magic! This fun filled program relates to the, “Dig Into Reading” slogan by sparking the imagination of children to start “digging” into books  to learn about the many wonders they hold inside. The children will also be taken on an “underground journey” and learn that there are all sorts of interesting things beneath our feet, underground. Like coal, diamonds, worms and more!

Children will participate along with Eddy in digging up some buried treasure and help in the effort of unlocking what’s inside! Even a worm tries to impress the audience by performing a disappearing trick… This 45 minute program creates so many thrills, laughs, and smiles that you will be thanked for providing all of the children with such an unforgettable time.

Some of the fun moments and magic in this program are:

  • Buried Treasure (the children help Eddy uncover and unlock a treasure box)
  • Children assist Eddy in helping find Bob the Bookworm who is lost among several library books.
  • Coal magically turns into Diamonds… with a bit of audience participation and magic!
  • Hilarious Rabbit Puppet who use to live in a burrow underground tries pulls jokes and magic on Eddy Ray.


This 45 minute program is an investment of only $197.00. If you can get just ONE other library in your local area (within 30 minutes) to book this amazing fun-filled program, both of you can instantly save! Our double booking discount would bring your investment down to only $167.00 for each program! A savings of $30.00!

My Summer Reading Programs are always a huge hit and get booked up fast. If you want to treat your children to a fun time where they will get excited about reading while having a memorable time, please contact me today!  Don’t miss a chance to get the date and time you need for this coming 2013 Summer Reading Program Season! Contact Eddy Ray right now!

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