Magicians in Lancaster PA Magician in Lancaster Pennsylvania For Kids And Adults Parties: LANCASTER’S BEST

Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray

Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray

Here are some testimonials for this Magician in Lancaster PA.

– The Owens Family – Douglassville Pennsylvania

“My son’s birthday party was a hit!! Thanks to Eddy Ray, the kids could not stop talking about his Magic Show – something they won’t forget for a long time!! Thanks Eddy!”

– Robin Oxenreider – Mohrsville Pennsylvania

“We enjoyed the show that Eddy Ray performed for us. All of the parents and children were talking about the show! He is an amazing magician. Thank you Eddy Ray. We will be seeing you again!”

– Coralee Quinn – Robesonia Pennsylvania

“Eddy kept the children entertained and was very good with questions and comments they made. Everyone was impressed and entertained. Eddy Ray will always be my #1 recommendation!”

Lancaster magician Eddy Ray has been featured on various radio and tv programs across the country and has performed all over the USA and Japan. His magic shows cannot be compared to other magicians in Lancaster as Eddy performs many unique and original routines and tricks. This magician in Lancaster has created magic tricks that are sold in magic shops all over the world. As this magician in Lancaster PA performs full time, dates and times get very limited. If you want to make your child’s next party or other event memorable and fun please contact Lacaster magician Eddy Ray for free information now.
Lancaster PA Magician For Hire – Simple Tips To Hire A Magician in Lancaster

Eddy Ray is the busiest magician in Lancaster and Pennsylvania. Here are some more reasons you should consider hiring this magician in Lancaster for your next event.

1) Magician in Lancaster For Hire: Eddy Ray is one of only a few magicians in Lancaster who actually performs full time. It’s important to find a full time magician in Lancaster for your event because this tells you they are experienced and have a great show. They wouldn’t be full time if they were not any good!

2) Magicians in Lancaster For Hire: It’s important to find out if the magicians in Lancaster can cater their magic show to the proper age group. Some magicians in Lancaster don’t do this as they only perform for a certain kind of audience. Lancaster magician Eddy Ray always customizes his show to the proper age range and will even ask you for details about your event so that he can better prepare his magic show. This is the kind of professional service and experience you deserve to help make your event memorable.

3) Lancaster Magicians Are All The Same: This is a huge misconception, not all magicians in Lancaster are created equally. Just as in any field, some are more experienced and talented then others. Eddy Ray, a Lancaster magician has the experience of performing in many different venues including in different countries. From moving trains to America’s Got Talent, this magician in Lancaster has the talent and know how to make your audience smile, laugh, and be amazed!

Lancaster Magician Eddy Ray performs over 10 shows a month so dates and times go quickly. Call Eddy at 1-877-297-7252 for more information. Feel free to browse around this website and email him as well. Do not delay, there is no obligation.

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